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Lords of Eriador is a Rank 10 Kinship, having formed in Beta (pre open Beta). The original members of LoE played Asherons Call/Frostfell server. We are a close knit Kin that enjoy questing together, sharing resources and having fun. No drama, just great fun. Members are of all ages and various backgrounds; we are family friendly. We know that people have obligations beyond Middle Earth and respect that. Members will take the time to answer questions of new members and help those new to the game - but no member should sacrifice their enjoyment of the game to power level or power equip. We welcome all levels and all classes. All we ask in return for an enjoyable time here is that you Respect your Kinmates. Age is irrelevant; maturity and civility are the measurements. We participate in some end game raids and the Ettenmoors. We wish to experience and excel at all game content. But, no kin member, ever, will be excluded unless it is a game gating issue (i.e., need certain number of radiance pieces, must be a certain level, etc.) We don't tell people how to play their classes, but if asked we are always willing to help. We do not require you only raid with us, only quest with us, or only hang out with us. We have a Vent server and encourage all to use it. If interested, give us a shout here on the forums or in game.
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